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1 A Study on the Physico-chemical Characteristics of Some Mango Varieties in Khulna Region Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences Download
2 Application of extended BBCH scale for phenological studies in mango (Mangifera indica L.) Journal of Applied Horticulture Download
3 Cultivar identification and genetic map of mango (Mangifera indica) Euphytica Download
4 Effect of various calcium salts on ripening of mango fruits Journal of Research Science Download
5 Evaluation of Mango Hybrids for Kymore Plateau of Madhya Pradesh Journal of Community Mobilization and Sustainable Development Download
6 Inhibitory effect of flowering and early fruit growth on leaf photosynthesis in mango Journal of Tree Physiology Download
7 Intraspecifi c somatic hybridization of mango (Mangifera indica L.) through protoplast fusion Journal of Applied Horticulture Download
8 Locating and managing the mango (Mangifera indica L.) genetic resources in Nepal Journal of Applied Horticulture Download
9 Mango diseases in Egypt Agriculture And Biology Journal Of North America Download
10 Modelling Mango Postharvest Firmness Change at Different Temperatures by Using Acoustic Measurements Information and Technology for Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Production Download
11 Morphological and Biochemical Markers for Varietal Characterization and Quality Assessment of Potent International Journal Of Agriculture & Biology Download
12 Physico-chemical analysis of mango varieties under kerala conditions Journal of Tropical Agriculture 41 (2003): 20-22 Download
13 Some compositional changes in Kent mango (Mangifera indica) slices during storage Journal of Applied Horticulture Download
14 The impact of panicle and shoot pruning on inflorescence and yield related developments in some mang Journal of Applied Horticulture Download


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