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PATENT ID  : European Patent CN101040595 (A)
Method for delaying the mango ripening time and for improving the output
The invention relates to a method for delaying mango mature period and improving yield. The invention comprises that cultivating branches, controlling branches, cultivating flowers, controlling flowers, thinning flowers, holding fruit and preventing pest and disease, that a, cutting off one fruit branch after harvest each year, while each fruit tree is irrigated with 0.5kg urea bottom fertilizer, b, when fruit tree grows 1-2 branches, ejecting high-effect azoles agent to age the branches as the mother branches in second year, c, ejecting ethrel agent onto branches at February and March, annularly cutting branches, d, when germs grow to 5cm, removing all anthotaxis, ejecting PP333 three times, e, when germs stop growing, cutting half of anthotaxis, f, ejecting 2.4-D, activol or fruitone growing agent in flower period, young fruit period, and fruit abscission period, g, ejecting fertilizer at spring or fall. The invention has simple process, delayed mango mature period, and improve 300-400kg each unit.


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