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PATENT ID  : Canadian Patent CA 2577163
Sealed Pack of ingredients for an individual smoothie, and associated methods and apparatuses
A sealed pack (440) contains quantities of ingredients to make an individual smoothie portion. The ingredients comprise a flavour ingredient (410) such as pieces of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, mango), a frozen portion of liquid (420) such as water, fruit juice, milk, coffee or tea; and a consistency ingredient (430) such as ice-cream, sorbet and yoghurt. The pack may be subjected to a temperature sufficiently low to maintain the frozen state of some of the ingredients in the pack (440). Also disclosed is a method of packaging the ingredients into the pack, or into first and second containers, or into a container with compartments for different ingredients in frozen and unfrozen states; and a method of preparing an individual smoothie using the sealed pack wherein the ingredients are blended with additional liquid; and an apparatus that uses the sealed pack for automatically vending an individual smoothie portion.


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