Mango Species

Wild species

Indian peninsula, the most important centre of diversity for M. indica has a large array of cultivated varieties as well as wild types. Other Mangifera species viz., M. andamanica, M. khasiana, M. sylvatica and M. camptosperma have been reported from India. Mangifera sylvatica occurs in the Eastern Himalayas (up to 1300 m altitude) in Sikkim, Darjeeling district, Khasi Hills, Upper Assam and Surma valley; and in the Andaman Islands. Mangifera andamanica, an endemic and rare species is widespread in tropical, wet evergreen forests of Andaman Islands. Mangifera indica is distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical parts of India. Wild forms occur in abundance in forests as well as in cultivated areas. Many wild types occur almost throughout the tropical and subtropical hilly forests and ravines up to 1000 m and in the Andamans and Nicobar Islands. The total number of distinct mango varieties named and maintained in India has been estimated to be over one thousand. About 30 varieties are commercially grown in India.

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