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121 CN1733785 (A) Method for extracting chimonin Details
122 CN1785219 (A) Quality control method of composite prepn. of dry mango tree leaves extract Details
123 CN1802936 (A) Quick freezing mango fruit Details
124 CN1826869 (A) Anti-season mango cultivation method Details
125 CN1827154 (A) Granule for treating prostatitis Details
126 CN1844133 (A) Process for preparing high purity mangiferin Details
127 CN1931319 (A) Medicine for treating female climacteric syndrome and endocrine disorder and its prepn process Details
128 CN1961643 (A) Flower formation-promoting method for counter-season perennial honey mango plantation Details
129 CN1966653 (A) Preparation method of mango vinegar Details
130 CN1969681 (A) Buccal tablet prepared by fruits and royal jelly and production process thereof Details
131 CN200956738 (Y) Combined fruit picker Details
132 CN201025856 (Y) Fresh fruit with novel structure Details
133 CN201101075 (Y) Trapper for phototactic destructive insect Details
134 CN2501292 (Y) Alligator fruit-picking device Details
135 CN2533674 (Y) Multi-taste freeze-drying fresh-keeping fruits/vegetables structure Details
136 CN2698345 (Y) Mango containing cough-relieving capsule Details
137 CN2756334 (Y) Internal chain plate type fruit grading device Details
138 CN2875729 (Y) Improred fruit knife structure Details
139 DE10001652 (A1) Herbal mixture which can be used to flavor milk products and other foods and can improve the storage stability of these foods, includes coriander, mango powder, ajowan and cinnamon Details
140 DE102010028065 (A1) Core removing unit for core removing device for core removal of fruit, particularly mango, comprises cutter device for core removal of fruit and has circumferentially closed, central core removing cutter Details

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