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101 CN1153023 (A) Beverage and its preparing method Details
102 CN1173993 (A) Health beverage and its preparation process Details
103 CN1186793 (A) Fruit protecting chemical for litchi Details
104 CN1256870 (A) Mixture for reducing fruit drop Details
105 CN1263710 (A) Tip-controlling flower promoter Details
106 CN1306748 (A) Gaseous fruit and vegetable ripener Details
107 CN1314160 (A) Oral pill for curing diabetes and its complication Details
108 CN1314518 (A) Method for producing grape cultivation paper bag and product Details
109 CN1395869 (A) Nutritive fruit-vegetable tablet Details
110 CN1478881 (A) Making method of fruit wine Details
111 CN1488355 (A) Cough-relieving chinese medicine formulation of total glycoside of mango leaf Details
112 CN1490014 (A) Mangiferin preparation and production thereof Details
113 CN1524450 (A) Preserved fruit sweet sausage Details
114 CN1528147 (A) Salicylic acid cold resistance agent and method for cold resistance Details
115 CN1559503 (A) Mango couth suppressing capsule and method of preparatuion long effect capsule Details
116 CN1631262 (A) Mulberry compound juice drink Details
117 CN1634166 (A) Medicine for treating diabetes and its preparation method Details
118 CN1686477 (A) Lonicera flower mango drip pill and its preparation method Details
119 CN1698469 (A) Salted mango Details
120 CN1733264 (A) Saline buccal tablet for clearing and moistening throat Details

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