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81 CN102125153 (A) Mango fruit cake Details
82 CN102125238 (A) Puffed mango and preparation method thereof Details
83 CN102132848 (A) Processing method for special tropical fruit grains of dairy products Details
84 CN102132870 (A) Diet health-care product and preparation method thereof Details
85 CN102150704 (A) Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping agent and preparation method thereof Details
86 CN102177962 (A) Bentonite-based mango preservative and preparation method of the bentonite-based mango preservative Details
87 CN102178019 (A) Formula of chewable tablets for preventing anemia in pregnant women and preparation method thereof Details
88 CN102210434 (A) Mango powder and preparation method thereof Details
89 CN102224840 (A) Application of alpha-aminoisobutyric acid or beta-aminoisobutyric acid in preparation of fruit preservative as well as fruit preservative and using method Details
90 CN102234568 (A) Preparation method of anti-harmful-gas essence containing Cinnamomum pedunculatum and Mirabilis jalapa Details
91 CN102234569 (A) Preparation method of peony winter jasmine essence Details
92 CN102234571 (A) Preparation method of clove corn poppy essence with harmful gas resistance Details
93 CN102246837 (A) Preparation method of medicament for preventing barley red spiders Details
94 CN102246905 (A) Preparation method of Sharpbelly bait Details
95 CN102249790 (A) Method for preparing high-yield persimmon tree culture fertilizer Details
96 CN102252971 (A) Rapid detection method for mango hardness Details
97 CN1076339 (A) Preparing method for crisp fruit and vegetable slice Details
98 CN1096179 (A) Natural mango coconut juice and making method Details
99 CN1130982 (A) Method for preparation of mango powder Details
100 CN1145173 (A) Inducing agent for flower of mango Details

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