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61 CN101744038 (A) Mango processing pretreatment method for reducing loss rate of raw materials Details
62 CN101755899 (A) Morpholine fatty acid salt fresh-keeping fruit wax used in mango Details
63 CN101773238 (A) Artemisia apiacea extract and preparation method and application thereof Details
64 CN101810189 (A) Pesticide composite of imidacloprid and acetamiprid water dispersible granules Details
65 CN101889570 (A) Application of pseudolaric acid B in preventing plant diseases Details
66 CN101911949 (A) Germicide composition containing prochloraz and levo alpha-terpinol and production method thereof Details
67 CN101933535 (A) Yoghourt containing cereal particles and fruit particles and production method thereof Details
68 CN101946641 (A) New method for grafting mango in high-temperature and high-humidity season Details
69 CN101953483 (A) Fresh flower-fruit particle pumpkin juice Details
70 CN101953493 (A) Western food seasoning juice and preparation method thereof Details
71 CN101961047 (A) Method for freezing and drying mango Details
72 CN101982058 (A) Mature mango breed rapid updating dwarfing culture method Details
73 CN101993437 (A) Method for extracting mangiferin from mango leaf Details
74 CN102027871 (A) Method for acclimating honeybees and spreading and pollinating in mango flower season Details
75 CN102028161 (A) Preparation method of freeze-dried mango blocks Details
76 CN102030131 (A) Fresh-keeping package for tropical fruits in south and application of fresh-keeping package in fruit and vegetable logistic fresh keeping Details
77 CN102071104 (A) Essence Details
78 CN102078399 (A) Anti-virus pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation for livestock Details
79 CN102100399 (A) Application of mango pulp alcohol extract as sensory humectant for cigarette Details
80 CN102119717 (A) Method for preventing and curing anthracnose after picking mango Details

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