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41 CN101543306 (A) Preparation method of mango condensed thick juice Details
42 CN101569310 (A) Formulation and application of green fruit/vegetable plant regulator Details
43 CN101569427 (A) Roselle chestnut combination Details
44 CN101574082 (A) Fruit-vegetable information substance and solution prepared thereby Details
45 CN101574133 (A) Method for preparing quick-cooking round pearl powder Details
46 CN101574495 (A) Method for controlling quality of honeysuckle flower mango capsule Details
47 CN101595838 (A) Artificial cross-pollination method of mangoes Details
48 CN101611724 (A) Environmentally-friendly phytochemical pasty biopesticide and preparation method thereof Details
49 CN101647794 (A) Diffractive ring mangiferin in mango leaf and new application of mango leaf extract containing diffractive ring mangiferin Details
50 CN101669666 (A) Instant solid mango juice drink and processing method thereof Details
51 CN101669934 (A) Suppressive activity of mango aglycone on PTP1B and application thereof Details
52 CN101671330 (A) Preparation method of mangiferin Details
53 CN101690523 (A) A soft fruit flower color cheese and production method thereof Details
54 CN101693034 (A) Diffractive-ring mangiferin A in mango leaves and new application of mango leaf extractives containing diffractive-ring mangiferin A Details
55 CN101697784 (A) Mango noodles Details
56 CN101699970 (A) Method for shortening the production period of mango Details
57 CN101708207 (A) Medicinal composition for expelling phlegm and inhibiting cough and preparation method thereof Details
58 CN101715821 (A) Acidophilus milk and preparation method thereof Details
59 CN101715823 (A) Degreased layered yoghurt and preparation method thereof Details
60 CN101731425 (A) Preparation method of mango preserved fruit Details

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