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401 CN1966653 (A) Preparation method of mango vinegar Details
402 DE20316137 (U1) Highly nutritional mango drink or mango milkshake contains milk, mango juice, mango flesh, sugar and aromas and can be added to yogurt Details
403 FR2909915 (A1) Mango slicing device, has blades associated with sliding arms that are placed on two guides, and mango posed vertically on support between guides, where effort is exerted on handle to slice mango into two halves by separating core Details
404 FR2911760 (A1) Nutritional complex, useful to prepare e.g. low-calorie food rich in vegetable proteins, comprises Spirulina, yeast, citric acid/any natural acidifying food product, fruits e.g. mango and red fruit, and vegetables e.g. beans and peas Details
405 GB2442139 (A) Mango-pod extractors Details
406 IN164517 (A1) Process for preparing concentrated green mango-squash Details
407 IT1133077 (B) Mango butter extraction process Details
408 JP2001039810 (A) Control of Mango Anthrax Details
409 JP2006076927 (A) Fermented Material obtained from mango Details
410 JP2008259458 (A) Method for cultivating mango year-round Details
411 JP2009017828 (A) Method for cultivating mango in pot, and cultivation pallet used for the same Details
412 JP2009060808 (A) Method for growing fruit tree Details
413 JP2009207489 (A) Method for cultivating mango by heating installation Details
414 JP2010018332 (A) Packaging bag for keeping freshness of mango fruit and method for storing mango fruit Details
415 JP2046255 (A) Method for retaining freshness of mango Details
416 JP9208435 (A) Hair/Scalp cosmetic comprising seed kernel oil extracted from seed of mango of anacardiaceous plant as active indgradient and restoration of damaged hair Details
417 KR20080033829 (A) With spicey, sweety collagen vita mango tea Details
418 MX2009003577 (A) Method for obtaining a solid composition with Rhodotorula minuta, which is effective for the biological control of Anthracnose, and resulting composition. Details
419 MXGT05000017 (A) Process for obtaining fruit dressings. Details
420 MXPA04002937 (A) An improved process for the preparation of raw mango powder. Details

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