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21 CN101293040 (A) Chinese medicine for generating and nourishing hair Details
22 CN101301054 (A) Preparation of mango appetizer Details
23 CN101305787 (A) Food rich in mangiferin Details
24 CN101361581 (A) ABCDRIS natural five-flavor health moon cake Details
25 CN101361582 (A) ABCDRIS natural five-color five-flavor five-stuffing and produced five-color five-flavor dumpling Details
26 CN101379983 (A) Bactericidal composition containing azoxystrobin and triabendazole and use thereof Details
27 CN101406304 (A) Fruit and vegetable composite apricot kernel drink and processing method Details
28 CN101429222 (A) Method for extracting mangiferin Details
29 CN101433170 (A) Aged mango high-pile grafting method Details
30 CN101433299 (A) Method for preparing freeze-dry mango powder Details
31 CN101455440 (A) Mango extractum and preparation method thereof and use thereof in cigarette perfuming Details
32 CN101467551 (A) Fresh-keeping method of fresh mango Details
33 CN101467629 (A) Mango product and method for producing the same Details
34 CN101467766 (A) Mango juice beverage and method for processing the same Details
35 CN101467768 (A) Hami melon juice beverage and method for processing the same Details
36 CN101467773 (A) Mango honey dew beverage Details
37 CN101480202 (A) Antisepsis and antistaling agent for mango as well as preparation method and use thereof Details
38 CN101524082 (A) Pyraclostrobin and prochloraz pesticide mixture Details
39 CN101543241 (A) Combustible fruit and vegetable smoke formulation fresh-keeping agent Details
40 CN101543242 (A) Application of sasanqua extract in antisepsis and preservation Details

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