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1 CA 1078405 Food Fat Details
2 CA 2577163 Sealed Pack of ingredients for an individual smoothie, and associated methods and apparatuses Details
3 CA 2676382 Method and composition for attracting fruit flies to traps Details
4 CA 2683656 Pourable food composition with high natural fiber content and methods of production Details
5 CA 850 Improvement on the machine for sowing turnip, mango or carrot seed Details
6 AU8206575 (A) Methods of Inducing flowering of tropical fruit plants part- Icularly the mango and pineapple Details
7 CN101003558 (A) Glycoside class compound of mango, preparation method, and application in area of medicine Details
8 CN101015358 (A) Fruit savoury and crisp roasted duck and preparing process thereof Details
9 CN101015376 (A) Processing method for mango concentrated juice Details
10 CN101019675 (A) Prepn of composite mango juice beverage Details
11 CN101035719 (A) Sealed pack of ingredients for an individual smoothie, and associated methods and apparatuses Details
12 CN101040595 (A) Method for delaying the mango ripening time and for improving the output Details
13 CN101040630 (A) Bleached lac nanometer fresh-keeping agent of mango Details
14 CN101045894 (A) Health medicinal wine Details
15 CN101066068 (A) Method of controlling activity of galacturonic hydrolase to prolong mango hardness maintaining time Details
16 CN101066147 (A) Process of producing mango juice Details
17 CN101223891 (A) Aniseed essential oil for inhibiting plant pathogenic fungi and preparing method thereof Details
18 CN101248825 (A) Preparation of mango leaf tea Details
19 CN101248899 (A) Mango vinegar beverage and preparing process thereof Details
20 CN101278638 (A) Method for regulating production time of mango with descending axis transfusion Details

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